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  • Your Mental Health Matters!

  • Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness

Your Mental Health Matters!

Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness


Tamsin Scobell

Lauren Steadman


As an athlete, you can be as physically prepared as possible, but the key is to be mentally ready. There is never a perfect mindset, but a positive confident optimistic mindset will get you far. I've had my share of lows and self doubt and it was through believing in myself and seeking the advice of others that I managed to grow mentally. 

Lauren Steadman

It’s a touchy subject that not many want to talk about! I believe that’s the wrong approach, The more we talk about it the better it can be.. a problem shared is a problem halved.

Tony Bellew

As a musician you can sometimes be running on autopilot, travelling to destination to destination & from stage to stage. If you haven’t  trained your mind to become resilient as well as process a sense of reality you will become massively overwhelmed with the magnitude of success. Through sharing my experience with others & embracing a positive mental attitude I’ve managed to grow mentally.


After suffering with depression in my 20’s I know how hard it can be to open up, speak out, ask for help. You feel this may show your weakness when it in fact, it shows how strong you really are. Mental health is so important and asking for support from the people around you is vital. Life has challenged me sometimes, but my mental strength and support of family and friends has always got me through.

Nikki Sanderson

I have always tried to protect my mindset. To me your mind, your mental health, your outlook and approach to life are one and the same. If you don’t invest in it, there will be nothing there to fall back on on a rainy day.

Helen Skelton

For years mental health has fallen silent. Now that we understand it more and how many people it affects, we must continue to recognise and treat it. There is light at the end of the tunnel and help is out there. Exercise regularly, eat well, stay strong, stay positive.

Brendan Cole

There is no greater health than mental health it transcends all.

Anthea Turner

Living my life very publicly online, I’ve grown to be incredibly open and honest with my audience. The toughest decision was being open about my mental health. Once I decided to be vocal about my struggles I realised how important and helpful it is to speak out, be honest and encourage others not to suffer in silence!

Jack Maynard

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