Hey there, we're Sizu. Born in the UK, we design high performance training that actually works!

The ultimate partnership

In 2019, Lauren and Tammy, best friends from university, decided it was time to start their dream to set up a mindset company and make a difference as the ultimate duo. Lauren is a world class athlete and TV personality and Tammy is a wellbeing performance psychologist and consultant.  Over the last couple of years, we have developed a community of amazing followers on social media and sold motivational apparel, gifting £27k to mental health and children’s charities so far.  

Today, Sizu has developed into a mindset brand that offers businesses and individuals training which shakes up the wellness industry.

Mindset training you say? Yes! We were fed up with seeing the same old PowerPoints and tick box interventions or watching people get overwhelmed by fluffy self-help books and exercises online which don’t work and ultimately, don’t change behaviour. 

We noticed that people have been held back by the myth that high performers don’t work on their mindset.

So, we decided to tear away from the old concept of wellbeing training as a weakness and move towards a new one of high performance. We now sell motivational products and are a catalyst for boosting your mindset through mindset training, coaching and events. With responsible, ethical practise and charity donation as a fundamental part of what we do.

The result? A mindset training company that boosts high
performers to the next level.