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In case you didn't already know Lauren..

Lauren has proven that you don’t have to be defined by one genre
and that with a sharp and strong mindset you can deliver high performance in more areas than one. After 16 years of harnessing the skills necessary to become Paralympic Champion, Lauren successfully passed the Channel 4's SAS Who Dares Wins course and was a semi-finalist in BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. Lauren’s next challenge is to share and elevate others to harness their own mindset and see confidence in the face of adversity. Oh did we mention she has an MBE too?

  • The motivational part

    Open your eyes to the opportunity ahead of you. Lauren believes every single one of you (yes you!) can achieve what you set out to. She is a mesmorising storyteller. With the help of different media you will feel like you are on the race start line, the strictly ballroom and jumping out a plane on SAS with her. How does she do it all? You will see.


  • The memorable part

    How many talks, podcasts or lectures have you left and remembered all the key points? Honestly, not many. You are not alone! This is the way most educational talks are designed. This boost event is different. Through learning design and understanding of affective context we will create an experience for you to remember.

  • The mindset shift

    The reason you come to this is to change your behaviours, be better, do better and to perfrom at your highest. This event has all the ingredients needed for behaviour change. It will motivate you to believe, it will tap into your emotions and it will signpost you to materials and resources for change.

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